Ahem, allow me to introduce myself…

I know how annoying introductory posts can be. I mean I know how much those ” Introduction/ Get to know me TAG” videos are on YouTube, like we get it man, just get on with it. So bear with me here😅 I’ll be out of your hair in no time

Remember being a teen? Remember being horny all the time and having acne that just wouldn’t go away and having low self esteem? Okay maybe you weren’t in that deep but one way or another adolescence just sucked. I couldn’t wait for that whole nightmare to end and i was so happy when i finally reached my twenties, phew! Finally here was the independence i was looking for all along, the time to discover your drink of choice, your fashion sense, reassess your spiritual beliefs, taste in music, sexuality, experience all the highs (literally, but don’t do drugs though and stay in school kids haha) and the all-so very low lows. I mean the twenties are like this period where you’re supposed to make some really important decisions that will shape your life, go through some really tough tertiary education, all the while not missing out on all the fun that goes down there, get your first job and get that mortgage on your first house, date different people (not at the same time obviously), experience some epic fails and get a whole bunch of L’s too, and pretty much stay alive the whole time so you can tell your grandkids about it one day. There’s a lot that goes down during your twenties and i just created this blog to just share my opinion on all the marvelous misadventures that we all go through. Also because sometimes you can go through some things that you may feel like you’re the only one who’s experiencing it, and it’s my hope that as you read along you’ll discover a lot of different experiences and get schooled on other issues and just feel better knowing that we’re all in this together. I’m highly opinionated and i have a lot of hot takes that I’m gonna share on this platform, and yes, even the whole pineapples on pizza issue. I would also want to learn from you guys so feel free to share some of your insane experiences so that we have a whole lot of relatable content out here. I’m a huge fan of sports so I’ll blog about them sometimes, and give my opinion on some of your favourite series and movies (GOT fans won’t wanna hear what i have to say). For those who didn’t get it from the name, it’s a blog for the 90’s kids who are now in their twenties, and not a blog about 90 year olds retelling stories from their twenties lol. In any case there’s definitely gonna be a lot of hot takes, typos, emo posts and fiesty comments, but you won’t wanna miss this! Stay tuned

11 thoughts on “Ahem, allow me to introduce myself…

  1. princessnkoko

    Lol am i the only one who read the second post before the introduction post… weird I know😂otherwise these two pieces i read were good… Looking forward to more💃

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I totally thought this was a 90 year old talking about their 20s 🤣🤣🤣 OK I lie I saw the last born syndrome post and it’s got birth years
    Been an interesting ride and looks like I scrolled to the introduction
    A pleasure to meet you

    Liked by 1 person

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