Can we take a minute to talk about 2020, because wow!

Saying last year was a lot would be an understatement, it was the worst, i mean raise your hand if you feel like 2020 was the worst year you’ve ever lived. Life as we know it was turned upside down by the pandemic, plans were foiled and i have never sanitised my hands all my life as much as i did last year! Globally, economies buckled, healthcare systems groaned (and continue to), unemployment was at a high and Stranger Things didnt release the fourth season (sigh!). Admittedly, we all thought we caught the virus at one point or another, praying the rosary five times every time you had a sore throat and hoping that that cough you had is really just the cold even though it’s in summer. It still isn’t over and we all still have to play our parts to ensure that the pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible. Anyway, let me walk you through my 2020.

It really started off superbly, i was in my final year of undergrad, had enough money in my pockets and i was starting to fall for this really beautiful girl. What could go wrong? one might have asked, and the answer is everything, everthing could actually go wrong, and it almost did! The first two and a half months were okay to be fair, and shit started to go sideways when the national lockdown was imposed on march 12, i remember it so well because it was my birthday. Well that didnt stop our celebrating that day but the lockdown came down hard and heavy soon after. At that moment, very little was still known about covid and there was a lot of false reports and conspiracies circulating online, to make it worse, there was a massive shortage of masks and walking outside at that point felt like walking straight into the line of fire on a battleground. Here’s one thing about me, I’m not one of those people who claim to work well under pressure, im the exact opposite, i don’t handle massive pressure or too much information well, i get overwhelmed, and social media was exactly that at the time, overwhelming. Wherever you went, whoever’s status you read, there was a new pirece of info on how the virus spreads or how long it stays on surfaces and all that, and i couldn’t handle it

. Also, the lockdown was imposed so i couldn’t even go down to the beach for some air, and i really needed that. Also, things with the beautiful girl i mentioned earlier were’nt exaclty going according to plan. There was so much confusion and uncertainity and it really didn’t help my case.There was so much uncertainity abot what would happen with school, life, and whether they would resume the epl and let Liverpool win their maiden pl title or whether World War III was about to start, basically , a lot was happening. It got so bad that at some point, when the lockdown restrictions were lessened a bit, i went to my orthopedic and the consultation became less about my bones and more about my mental state. The doc could see that homeboy was stressed out of his mind and he actually prescribed me some antidepressants, which i never got to buy because apparently they are sometimes misused for recreation (i’m just trying to sound professional, them kids get high on them pills!) so it’s a whole process for you to actually access them, so i figured i didn’t really need them that bad and i forgot about them.

Anyway school resumed later on and travel was more or less now convenient (did i mention how expensive travelling in the quarantine was! My goodness!) basically i’m an extrovert and the more i could now interact with people, the better i felt. The more i’m writing this the more i’m realising how much detail i’m leaving out and how i can’t possibly talk about 2020 in a single post. So stay tuned and look out for the next post to see how things went with my love interest and how i coped with the many, many challenges and difficulties of life last year.And oh, to end this post on a positive note, you’ll be glad to know that despite all of tthe anxiety and stress, i managed to end my undergrad studies and graduated, top of the class! Feel free to comment and share how you managed the anxiety and stress of living in 2020 and remember to always talk to someone when you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone in this. Peace out.

6 thoughts on “Can we take a minute to talk about 2020, because wow!

  1. Yep am reading this and enjoying it too. 2020 was something else, good thing you graduated some of us still stuck in final year, to make it worse 2021still feels like 2020 won😩.
    Can’t wait for the next read, you good

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