Subtle ways girls actually shoot their shot

I think i made it very clear in my last post where i stand on girls and confessing their feelings. Why would we ever put these beautiful creatures in a position where they risk their reputation and esteem like that. The good news is 99% of the time ladies will never have to go through this as the fellas are more than willing to make the first move. Sometimes it may be a little daunting and here’s a few sneaky moves girls actually use to show a guy they are interested without explicitly saying it out loud.
I feel like if you are a guy you probably know most of these cues. But let’s just go ahead and discuss them still to benefit the shy homie who never has the guts to ask his crush out on a date, and for the ladies to give y’all some game tips. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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1) The ” So you and your girlfriend..” line
This is probably the most common trick girls employ when they want to inquire if you’re available or taken.They will phrase a statement that implies that you have a girlfriend or how your girlfriend would probably give them stick if she found out y’all were talking. At this point, it is up to you to dismiss this claim and boldly state your availability, and if your’e taken, to signal how this probably won’t go any further. Still, I find it’s one of the smoothest ways of inquiring someone’s availability whilst at the same time showing your interest, it’s a great trick and even us guys employ it sometimes and it works like a charm.

2) Fast replies
Whoa! I’m by no means implying that every girl that responds quickly to your texts likes you, before you go and shoot your shot at your grandma and make the family chat awkward. What i’m simply saying is a girl definitely has a ton of people in her dm’s that she talks to, and if she quicky replies your text then my boy she might really enjoy talking to you, or better yet, she might even like you. I’m always saying that no one is ever that busy and we always make time for the people we care about, so if you recently started chatting up a girl and she’s super responsive, you might have a shot king. Obviously this alone isn’t evidence enough for you to bring out the football ( The nuclear football is a highly guarded briefcase that carries misssile launch codes, with a big red button that’s supposedly only triggered by POTUS ) and launch the assault. You’ll also have to look out for other cues before you procede

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3) She does’nt “Bro” you
Surely it’s a sad day when you go back to your crush’s dm one morning and send a good morning text, only to get a ” Morning Bro” in reply. I hate to say this but it just sounds like your visa papers for the FriendZone have been approved. When you just started talking to a girl you are wary not to come off as too thirsty, but you risk also to end up friendzoned if you’re too playful about your business. It’s therefore important to low-key let her know that you have no intentions of being her friend and whilst girls may naturally friendzone you if you don’t make the cut, you should try and eradicate that “bro” the moment it shows up in conversation. Of course some girls may throw about the word “bro” with their boyfriends and close friends, so you might still have a shot. A girl who’s interested in you won’t friendzone you, simple and straight forward

4) The red love emoji
Next to bro, you don’t wanna receive a heart emoji whose colour is anything other than red! Girls are very particular about sending the wrong message and as such heart emojis are sent with corresponding sentiments. No girl that’s into you would send you a green heart emoji, who are you? The Hulk? Now i’m not saying that if she sends a red heart emoji then she’s feeling you, but it sure as hell beats all these other ones! We live in a time when emojis make all the difference in determining the humor of a text, and when she texts without using any emoji’s man, it’s not looking good.

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5) They suggest / are open to going on dates
The average girl has a bunch of guys who are constantly asking if they can get a chance to hang out with her. There’s also that guy who practices kung fu in her dm’s (you know, the one who’s like hey! hi!, hie, hiii! and she never replies him, word of advice my guy, she probably saw the previous texts, she doesn’t wanna talk to you). So now if you suggest hanging out with her and she’s open to the idea, we might be on to something here. Better yet if she suggests the dates herself, she really wants to spend time with you, fingers crossed that you haven’t been friendzoned yet

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6) She constantly checks up on you and sometimes texts first
One thing that i know of is that girls don’t like texting first, so she might really like you or she really likes you, no two ways about this. Also, if a girl texts you asking if you ate or if you got home safe, or how good that netflix series you were binging on was, she cares about you. When she genuinely asks about you too and is just not making the conversation about her, she obviously has good communication skills (duh) and she also wants to get to know you. Don’t be a jerk now, also check up on her and ask her how her day went, trust me, good morning texts might be cheesy, but girls still do really appreciate them

Alright so we have come to the end of tonight’s episode and join me tomorrow night on the next episode of umjolo diaries right here on Mzansi fo sho. Lol i’m kidding, but this was a really interesting article to write, and of course i want all the smoke, feel free to comment and tell me what you think about these signs, whether yo agree with some of them or downright disagree, and if you have more that i might have left out. Of course all of these signs are not a guarantee that you’ll win her over once you shoot your shot, and bear in mind that every girl is different so she might throw her signals differently. Remember to sign up for email updates to stay tuned with all the latest from the blog, and to treat these ladies like the queens they are. Peace out

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