Chill, no one is trying to alter your DNA: a frank conversation about anti-vax sentiments

Hands up if you would take the covid 19 vaccine if it were made available to you right now. I somehow thought after we all went through a horrible 2020, we would jump at the first opportunity we got to get out of this nightmare. Buut! Somehow, as woke as we are, learned as we are, we ( millenials and Gen-Z’s) don’t really want to get the jab. We have received jabs all our lives we had no idea how much time was taken to prepare them or what was used in them, but somehow we don’t want to get vaccinated to protect ourselves against this virus that’s taken over 2 million lives and counting, are you kidding me? Well if you suffer from trypanophobia i’ll cut you some slack, but the rest of you, come and explain yourselves please!

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I have never been one to believe in conspiracy theories. I like cold hard facts and perhaps I’m more comfortable being under the deception that the government doesn’t spy on us and believing that the tooth fairy is real . I don’t really care if the moon-landing was faked or if area 51 is real or not , i just don’t. There’s way too many real life, verified problems to deal with already, and so i don’t like entertaining made up ones. This other time a friend of mine spent the whole day trying to convince me that Santa is actually satan rewritten or whatever, but why would the devil hop around chimneys giving good kids cool gifts and snubbing his very own?, beats me. I guess i’m already brainwashed by science because i believe 100% in modern medicine. I’ve taken asprin a thousand times and gotten many flu shots in the past and i have no reason to believe they would want to reduce the earth’s population by killing us with the vaccine. Allow me to share and try to make sense of some of the crazy theories circulating out there.

The first and probably the most common is how the covid-19 vaccine is not safe and may actually give you covid or some nefarious side effects. To this one i say touchΓ©, it’s also dawned on me how risky this vaccine is, given how it was made in less than a year and normally how vaccines take up to ten years to go through trials and testing, some even a hundred! (like measles ). I get it, i really do, but you know what they say about desperate times and desperate measures?, exactly! We are facing one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen, schools have closed and businesses shut, with hospitals struggling to handle the insane amount of people needing hospitalisation. We are basically in a shitstorm right now and is it ideal to give people a vaccine that hasn’t gone through rigorous testing? No, but given how dire the situation is, the world needs a hail mary and if the vaccine can get things going again, possibly with a few side effects, i’d say it’s a pretty fair compromise right now than having people dying by the thousands everyday and not being able to kiss your girlfriend for over a year.

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The second one is how the vaccine suposedly alters our DNA and how Bill Gates wants to take the opportunity to install some microchips of some sort into our bodies that will link to 5G infrastructures and perhaps kill us or initiate us into devil worshipping. While the first part is due to people mistaking what was said about how the vaccine works with messenger RNA and not DNA, the second part mostly affects religious groups. People are wary of being tricked into receiving the mark of the beast ( or a device that could potentially make transactions and medical diagnostics really , really convenient, i know, real scary!) and while I understand your concerns, understand that it’s practically impossible for that to happen. Modern day technology is advanced, but a mechanism to install some nanochips into the bloodstream via injection isn’t viable yet, and it would probably make the vaccine way more pricey. So rest easy folks, no DNA is being altered and no one is getting marked.

There’s a dozen more conspiracy theories about how they ( and by the way ,who’s “they” that’s always mentioned in conspiracy theories , aliens?, the government?, the powerpuff girls?) want to kill us and somehow reduce the world population or something like that. I feel like this argument is silly because i feel like “they” would probably have a better chance of doing that by not giving you any covid restrictions and letting us get infected and die, that would be way more cost effective, because them vaccines pricey fam. But, the one that i actually want to talk about, that affects us 90’s kids in our 20’s, is how we think we don’t need one and how our immune systems are better at beating the virus. Listen, you may be right and can actually shake it off like a flu, but what about the homie next door with some underlying health conditions, what about grandpa, or that old lady at the post, and the frontline workers risking their lives day and night to make sure people don’t die from this? What if YOU actually are vulnerable and you don’t even know it?

I feel like it’s a bit selfish to not want to get vaccinated simply because you’re not at risk. Besides, the goal of a vaccine is to make sure that the entire population is immune to a disease, and not just yourself. While there’s a good chance that most of us in our twenties will not likely get vaccinated anytime soon, i was quite dissapointed with the marked resistance to getting vaccinated we generally have. Look, things are hard right now, a lot of people are going through the most right now, leaving on food stamps and some don’t even know when or where their next meal is coming from. Besides, these online classes are really hard to concentrate in and would’nt you just love for things to go back to normal? I know i surely do, and so do millions more, and if it means i need to take a jab that’s slightly risky and hasn’t had any devastating side effects to date, so be it. Let me know whether your’e anti-vax or pro, and please if you are anti,just know Santa is watching ( and so is Cupid too haha). As usual ,drop down your thoughts in the comments down below, and if you want to guest post you can always contact me (contact info is all here). Remember to stay safe, mask up and God bless!

8 thoughts on “Chill, no one is trying to alter your DNA: a frank conversation about anti-vax sentiments

      1. m.c_nashe

        Naa i ain’t getting vaccinated, not because of any conspiracy theory but simply because no one really knows all the side effects yet so untill then count me out.

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