Twenty for Twenty with : Celina Chettouh

Aloha lovely people on the internet, it’s me again Bran from the North with a new blog post. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to share a blog post! I’ve been meaning to have other people on my blog ever since I started, but I decided to only put out after at least ten blog posts, that way I’m sure they like me for my writing lol. I decided to call this new segment Twenty for Twenty ( a tribute to the greatest cricket match format ever) , where I’m gonna have a Q & A session with my guests and fire at them twenty questions to help you get to know them and what they are all about. So for my first ever blog interview, I’m pleased to have Celinah Chettouh, a lifestyle influencer and biology student at the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumedine in the capital of Algeria, Welcome Celinah:

Celina: Thanks for having me hey, I can’t wait to get right in! (In this ‘Q & A’, I’ll refer to myself as TB and Celina by CC)

TB: Allow my audience to get to know you, where were you born and raised, and how old are you?

CC: So my name is Chettouh Celina , I’ m 22 years old ( a 98’s baby) i was born in Sidi M’hamed, Algeria , I was raised between Algeria and Rouen in France but actually I’m living in Algeria at the moment.

TB: Oh that’s great, so how was it like growing up there?

CC: I was lucky enough to be able to live in Europe and know a certain society open to ” knowledge ” and ” culture “, which is a bit different from the one we have here in Algeria, growing up with an open mind is a door to having great communication skills. 

TB: That’s an interesting take, so do you have any siblings ? 

CC: I have two little sisters and a little brother, I am the eldest of the family

TB: It’s never easy being the oldest, do tell though, would you say you are a homebody or more outgoing?

CC: I’m a homebody in the sense that I‘m not one to go out partying every Saturday night , but I am ambitious and very autonomous which makes me very active even at home

TB: What was the inspiration behind your Instagram handle @smile_by_celinah?

CC: Oh my goodness you have to know the story behind my nickname! I started on instagram under my first name and I didn’t expect to have a large following so quickly, I looked for a nickname that would represent me, I asked my subscribers what they liked the most about me, what makes them follow me and the majority told me, ” your humor, your joy of living, your way of being” … then a subscriber had told me, “if I had to describe you I will say that you make me smile every day”, and from there I opted for smile _by_celinah

TB: Ncaww that was sweet how you connected with your followers like that, with quite an online presence and having to post regularly, is it hard to balance that with school work though ?

CC:Without lying it’s not really easy because you always have to be organized and sometimes prioritise one of the two when necessary, what I find beneficial is that you learn to organize yourself but also to surpass yourself 

TB: Do you feel like social media does more harm than good, especially to the self-image and esteem of young people? 

CC: Well, some people are followed for the image which they reflect via their social media , being quite followed by people must be taken in consideration, we are responsible for the way we guide those  people and we will always have to think about the impact of our content and the way that it could have an influence on a child or a teenager, personally I find that it depends only on the influencer if he/she takes all this into consideration their content will bring about positive change .

TB: I saw you have a youtube channel but you are yet to publish any content, what is the hold up?

CC: Yeah , I do have a youtube channel and I intend to get started except that youtube is a very large platform and there are a lot of youtubers who have made their way, so it is difficult  to come and create a place in front of professionals , I want to be mentally ready to receive criticism but also to be able to give the best of me in terms of quality of the content of my videos, my edits and the way I will shoot the videos 

TB: How do you intend on using your platform to make a positive change in the world?

CC: We live in a society where our mentalities have been damaged by judgment, criticisms and belittling, which may lead us to struggle with mental illnesses. I want to bring the art of sharing , sharing diffrent culture, ideas, freedom of expression, self love, motivation, learning to face the criticisms and especially how to gain self acceptance and self-confidence , my goal is not to change the world but to create a new spirit , and that’s gonna help us to get the world moving forward , to have a positive world we need positive mindsets . 

TB: I’d say you’re quite a foodie? Is that accurate?

CC: My relationship with food was very complicated, I suffered from eating disorders for years, I had complexes thereafter which ended up affecting my mental health and social life. I took control of myself and I made what i thought was impossible to be possible, but yeah I still am quite a foodie but I try to eat healthy while listening to my body and my desires

TB: If someone was to try some algerian cuisine, what would you recommend for them?

CC: There are so many choices when it comes to Algerian cuisine but my favorite Algerian dish is RECHT

TB: You are also quite a fitness fanatic, how do you manage to stay motivated and stay clear of all the yummy snacks in the kitchen?

CC: I am really a sports lover but I became a fitness fanatic for the simple reason that it is learning to surpass oneself, to stay motivated you have to work on your mind , this is where you surpass yourself more … as i said before i try to have a healthy alternative for yummy snacks and meals and that’s helped me a lot 

TB: Do you have a favourite quote that speaks to you

CC: They are many but one of my favourite will be from Will Bradley when he said : 

 Ambition is the path to success , persistence is the vehicle you arrive in 

Will Bradley

TB: Wow that’s powerful! One look at your gram and one can tell you’re big on self care and make-up, do you have a go to skincare routine?

CC: I love taking care of myself, of my skin, I take great pleasure in makeup, I like seeing  myself wearing make-up well, dressing well and that makes me feel good about myself, so yes i am quite a fan of beauty products, my skincare routine is super simple based on good hydration of the skin. One must always take into consideration the type of skin they have (if your skin is oilly, dry or it’s a combination of both) which will allow you to buy adequate products, so first of all if you are wearing makeup you have to remove it, so I use a makeup remover based on essential oils, then clean my face with micilar water to remove the excessive makeup, wash with a good cleansing gel (adapt to your skin type) then I use serums that will boost the hydration of my skin and I finish with a good moisturizing night cream

TB: That’s impressive, i should perhaps adopt one too. If you could only carry one make-up item in your bag, what would it be?

CC: not very simple as a question I will have a hard time choosing but my essential would be the concealer, I can’t go out without concealer.

TB: You travel quite a lot too, what’s your favourite place that you’ve visited so far?

CC: Of those that I have visited I will say for the moment Madrid in Spain

Photo by Abhishek Verma on

TB: So…any celebrity crushes ?

CC: Of course I have some but my ultimate crush is Michele Morron

TB: I’m sure some of my guy readers are dying to know, are you taken or single at the moment?

CC: Haha i prefer to keep my relationship status private so I’m sorry I can’t give you a response. 

TB: That’s a bummer. Anywho , i mentioned in my intro that you’re a bio student, what’s your dream job?

CC: my dream job is to be a business woman so I intend to start my own business, but I love science and biology so maybe I could combine between biology world and business marketing too. 

TB: Sounds fantastic hey.What advice would you give to 18 year old Celina?

CC: Make more mistakes when you are young to have more experience when you grow up, and i would say that i’m proud of her .

TB: 2020 was obviously a difficult year for all of us, how did you manage to stay positive and kill time during the quarantine?

CC: OMG , i know that 2020 wasn’t a good year for our environment, world economies and everyone in general , of course being stuck in quarantine sucked , covid is no joke and it made life so stressful but for me 2020 was one of the best years for my own personal development. I questioned myself a lot, I set goals for myself, I focused a lot on myself, on what I would like to achieve, I learned to manage and invest  my time, I settled down a certain good routine which consists of working on the side on social networks, eating healthy, doing my daily workouts and keeping a positive mind

TB: Name one person that you look up to

CC: My mother , she is the first person that i admire . 

TB: So, what can we expect next from smile_by_celinah?

CC: Positive vibes , good motivation and determination for better days and better minds 

TB: Amazing, thanks for your time hey!

CC: You’re welcome, it was my pleasure really, i enjoyed answering your questions, they were quite interesting!

Well there you have it folks, i had so much fun getting to know Celina and i hope you enjoyed reading this too. She’s so relatable and down to earth and i hope she’ll let me be her friend ( I want all the free merch influencers sometimes get lol). I obviously went over the twenty question mark i had set for the theme but i enjoyed all her respones and i didn’t want to cut out any of them. As usual, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below and be sure to give @smile_by_celinah a follow on instagram. Stay safe and remember to put a smile on somebody’s face today. Peace and love y’all.

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