The Affair

I stood there motionless, staring at the crime scene. I couldn’t twitch a single muscle and i kept looking at his lifeless body as if i hoped he would flinch and come back to life. Alas, the deed had already been done, there was no rescusitating him, and his soul was already on it’s way to Hades. There was no way he was going to heaven, not after what he had done, and i was sure i was headed on the same route too after leading him to an early grave. Never in a million years would i have imagined that my hands were capable of executing such a violent act, and the ease with which I had done it made it even more unnerving. The air was still heavy with the metallic stench of fresh blood and as I wiped the murder weapon to rid it of evidence, I turned to her and screamed, ” Look what you made me do! His blood is on your hands, God damnit Janet”

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I had long known that my wife was up to something shady. She had become more secretive and she started spending more time at “the grocery store”. I imagined that’s where they started seeing each other. Over time, I imagined they had grown more fond of each other and I could feel us growing apart. However, every time I thought of confronting her, I would glance at my wedding ring and our beautiful girls playing in the backyard and think how there was no way she could ever jeopadise this. We were four years strong, going into our fifth year, and everything had seemed great so far. Of course we had had the occasional quarrel, but so does every couple. I always prided myself in being a good cook but lately she was only eating a little of what I made for dinner, almost as if she had already had a meal somewhere else. I had had enough of this and one day i decided to follow her when she went “grocery shopping”.

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Surely enough, my suspicions were confirmed. She was cheating! I couldn’t blame her though, i could see what she saw in him, but it still broke my heart. Jealousy can make a man do insane things and on that day I did the unthinkable. When my wife came home from work she was shell shocked to see her new lover on the kitchen counter. “Baby, I can explain!”, she pleaded, but I wasn’t having any of it. “Why couldn’t you just come clean and tell me if there was something I was doing wrong?”, “I…I…I wanted…”, she stammered, but she couldn’t word out the lie. I stared at him but he didn’t utter a single word to his defence. I couldn’t take any more of this mockery and all in a flash, i took him by the neck and held him by the kitchen sink. I drew one of the knives from the stack and in one swift movement, I had ran the blade right through the front of his neck. There was an immediate spray of blood from the aorta and his body started to convulse, but I held him steady until all the strength departed from him.

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” Look what you made me do! His blood is on your hands, God damnit Janet”, “You know you could have told me all this while that you wanted some chicken for a change, I thought you didn’t like white meat”, i chuckled.”I don’t know, I was embarrassed, that’s why I was ordering so much takeout and not eating as nuch during dinner”, she blushed. “Come here silly and help me pluck this bird”, I said ,as I pulled her close and planted an affectionate peck on her cheek. We went on to make chicken stir-fry that night and that’s how I managed to end my wife’s secret affair with chicken take-out. THE END

It had been a while since I did some creative writing and i decided to potray a betrayal story with a light-hearted plot-twist at the end. I really hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to like and leave a comment down below. Peace and love y’all

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