Tough love: An ode to mothers

I never really understood why my mom would be on my case when i failed to update her on whether I’d arrived where I was going or when i didn’t give her regular updates of my journey when traveling. I always thought of it as my mom being overprotective for no good reason, what could happen? And i never thought about it but a million things could happen, a car accident, a heart attack, anything. I never saw it for what it was, raw and true love in it’s purest form. It wasn’t that she wanted to control my movements or cramp my style, but she wanted assurance that her baby boy was safe and sound and knowing this would put her heart at ease. In the modern day we sometimes find it intrusive when people want to know our every move (which it may be) but most of the time it really comes from a place of love.

Growing up with African parents I’ve never heard them say the words “i love you” to my face, but i know they love me to death. Their ‘ i love you’s can come in the form of “have you eaten?”, “did you get home safe”, ” you want to give me a heart attack now huh?” Lol it has so many variations, but behind all that anxious nagging and reprimands lies a whole lot of love.

Mommy dearest 😊

Today marks Mother’s Day and it’s one day set out to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who gave birth to us and nurtured us into the adults that we are. For every dirty diaper they changed and every sleepless night they spent singing us back to sleep, they deserve the world and so much more. Allow me today to celebrate my amazing mom, a real life superhero, and every other mom out there, here’s to let you know how special you are to us, we appreciate you so much and only hope that all the best things in life come your way. Los amamos mucho, feliz día de madres❤️

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