Inconsistency almost got me jailed !

I know I know, I haven’t been around for a while, but I can explain. Whilst I’d like to blame schoolwork for my absence ( well it is in a way), rather it was my beloved PC that gave up on me and I had to resort to sending telegraphs to my proferssors and since my pc is my preferred writing tool, I had to take a small hiatus but it’s all good now. I managed to rob a bank and get enough money to fix my pc (wait that’s not true, actually stripped for a few nights at a local pub for this baby). Anyway, I wanna talk today about how I almost went to jail because of inconsistency !

We hear it all the time from motivational speakers and teachers about how consistency is key.In most cases it really is true, the best way you can learn something or get better at it is by putting in consistent effort. In relationships, consistency is all so important, continuing to show love and give attention to our partners throughout the entire duration of the relationship is crucial. I know it’s easier said than done and I’ve also noticed how in most cases girls get somewhat dissapointed by our marked change in effort from when we are tryna get the girl as compared to when you’re now dating. Allow me to clarify on this one, it’s virtually impossible for us to give that kind of effort throughout the entire relationship, that’s just the 15 day trial of premium hehe, that is us at our absolute best, devoting all the resources to impress y’all. I simply can’t stay up late texting till 2 every single night, i have classes to attend the next day, a job to go to and other responsibilities too. I’m not saying this as an excuse for guys to be inconsistent, but I’m simply saying that we’re probably not going to be able to maintain that vibe the entire time, it’s too demanding, that’s the Best of lionel Richie, and you can’t get it on every album now.

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Now you remember how I mentioned in the intro about how I almost got myself locked up for being inconsistent, well here’s the story. After struggling without my pc for almost two weeks, I decided to pay a visit to the bank and withdraw some cash for replacing it. I had a full day of lectures which meant I had to skip lunch in order to get the chance to make it to the bank before it closed. After a fifteen minute walk from my faculty through the scorching May heat, I got to the bank slightly dehydrated and bit stickier than I would have liked. As usual, I got in and went to the teller and asked for a withdawal form to fill out. One thing you need to understand is I’ve got a pretty bad handwriting and I can’t even read what I write sometimes, so you can imagine what my signature looks like. What’s worse is that I always seem to scribble a different variation of my signature when I write it down.

As I’m waiting patiently by the side waiting on my request to be processed, the bank teller calls me up again. I show up again at her desk and she informs me that my signature apparently doesn’t exist in the bank’s database. She advices me to go up to the first floor to get this sorted out. I get to the second floor and I meet a lady who kindly walks me through all the steps I need to do to register my signature. I gather up all my might to inscribe the most fitting rendition of my many signatures to be the official signature for my bank account. Just as I’m about to leave her office, she takes another look at my withdrawal slip, looks back down again at my recently enregistered signature and surprise , they do not match !

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She sits me back down and demands why the two signatures are different. I’m tongue-tied and try to brush it off with a smile, but there’s no wiping away the stern look off her face. At that moment, I actually realise that this is not just showing how embarrassing my signature writing is, but it actually looks like someone who’s trying to fake someone’s signature. Realising the depth of the situation, I calmly explain to her how my signature is a bit inconsistent and it sometimes ends up having different variations. Fortunately for me, she believed me but went on to reiterate how dangerous  it is to be miswriting my signature and told me to get a grip before I lose my money or ended in jail. In the end I ended up succesfully withdrawing my cash and having learnt  a valuable lesson in consistency.   

The major stumbling block between us and our dreams is our lack of consistency. You would have probably been ready for hot girl summer if you just hit the gym more consistently, you would have been fluent in that other language you always wanted to learn, finally learnt how to play the guitar or have made it into the team if you practised more often. It is written in the 48 laws of power that there is nothing more irresistible than a steady consistent effort, I hope you won’t have to wait to receive a rude awakening like I did until you realise the true importance of being consistent. Remember to be intentional in all that you do. Salam.

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